Nassau, Bahamas

Mike Wilhite - Monday, August 03, 2015
Spiny Lobster

On Sunday, we flew into Nassau, Bahamas and anchored out in Old Fort Bay for the night. During the afternoon, we took our guests out snorkeling and they speared a nice Hogfish that we later had for dinner that night. The following morning, we woke up and headed northeast to Egg Island where we anchored for the evening. The journey to egg was filled with excitement, paying rummy cube and various other card games. There were quick pauses to enjoy the sight of birds feeding and the vastness of the ocean. Once at Egg Island, we made plans to go out diving the next day. The morning was bountiful. We were able to swim away with three large snapper and two spiny tailed lobster. Hugh let the Sea Owl run a head of us as we drove in the 26’ Regulator. We are now anchored in between Valentines Marina and Remora Bay Marina, soaking up the island life on land.